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Take the Stress Test

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Stress Tip: Get your mind and body connected. Take some me-time regularly and nurture your sense of wellbeing. Don’t neglect your soul for this is your true essence, get to know what makes you really “tick”. Don’t be afraid of your emotions and learn how to deal with them and manage them.

Take our stress test...

Here are some of the classic signs of stress... Be honest with yourself and answer yes or no to these questions;

  • Do you have difficulty relaxing?
  • Do you find yourself feeling irritable?
  • Do you worry about little events of the day and are unable to shut your mind off?
  • Do you smoke or drink excessively (especially by others’ standards)?
  • Are you competitive and aggressive in the things you do?
  • Do you find it hard to relate to people?
  • Do you find you are impatient with others?
  • Do you eat quickly?
  • Do you take on too much?
  • Do you have difficulty delegating?
  • Do you have aching limbs or recurrent headaches?
  • Do you have digestive problems?
  • Do you have allergies and sinus problems?
  • Do you have a dry mouth and sweaty palms?
  • Do you feel a lack of interest in sex?
  • Are your muscles tense?
  • Do you have problems sleeping?

Your Score

If you answered “YES” to:

  • Below 5: You’re in fine shape, able to take life in your stride.
  • 5 to 10: You are quite stressed; pay attention to these warning signs. This is the only body you have: treat it well
  • More than 10: You are very stressed: it’s time to make some positive changes before your stress has serious consequences.

The more you tick, the more stressed you are and the more you could benefit from a combination of the right foods, the right breathing and positive thoughts.

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