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Busting the blues

Written by Bioharmony
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Mood tip: Find your purpose. Each individual person has a purpose to fulfil and once you find that purpose, life starts to make a whole lot of sense.

Here are our surefire ways to help improve your mood...

  • Feed your brain the right nutrients
  • Eat more seeds, nuts and pulses
  • Eat top quality protein foods - stick to fish, chicken, soya, quinoa
  • Choose low GL carbs – whole grains, veges, most fruits
  • Combine protein with carbohydrates
  • Avoid hydrogenated fats and reduce your intake of saturated fats
  • Eat fish three times a week and take a fish oil supplement
  • Eat more green vegetables
  • Drinks lots of water
  • Choose natural substances to help bring back the balance
  • Up your B vitamins and vitamin C
  • Mop up toxins in the body with anti-oxidants
  • Avoid caffeine and stimulants
  • Think positively
  • Adopt a better lifestyle in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “places”
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