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Boost your brain for the end of year chaos

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It’s downhill to December, to end of year holidays and some much-needed down time. The trick is, you have four major projects to wrap up before then, you have to help your kids through final exams and you have countless social functions to attend between now and then.

So how do you cope? How do you remain focused on the task at hand without being distracted by all the… well… all the distractions? Below are a few tips to help you remain focused at work.

Give up multi-tasking

Women are supposedly genius multi-taskers. The truth is, none of us are. Our brains simply cannot focus on too many things at once, and when you try to do it, you’re working harder not smarter.  Business consultant and life coach Peter Bregman’s book, 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction And Get The Right Things Done, challenges readers to spend five minutes in the morning to plan the day ahead, five in the afternoon to review and a minute every hour to check in on progress.

The message is clear - stop trying to do so many things at once, focus on one task (big or small) and stick to it. You will feel calmer and be more productive.

Electronic interruptions

We’re inundated with messages throughout the day, whether it’s an sms, an email, a Facebook status update, a tweet. If you’re serious about giving up multi-tasking, the first thing you should do is close your emails, log off all social networks and turn off your phone. Better yet, disconnect from all these electronic interruptions.

Take time out

Don’t always be that person who works late into the night, showing up at work with bloodshot eyes and a Red Bull in your hand. Take time out to hang out with friends (this is good exercise for your brain – see more brain exercises below), get involved with even moderate physical activity, sleep! Researchers from UCLA recently discovered that two different parts of the brain talks to each other while we are sleeping, which assists in memory formation. The study proves that sleep deprivation has a detrimental effect on health, including learning and memory. (

So relax a little, you need to “fill your cup up” so you can keep going because you’ll only crash if you run on empty.

Eat well

Start your day off with a healthy breakfast (must include protein, healthy carbohydrates, dairy and fruit); eat more fruit and vegetables, less sugar and saturated fats and more fatty acids (found in fish). You can also get these Omega-3 acids from fish oil supplements.

How to boost brainpower?

There are a number of online brain booster exercises and apps available but here are a few simple ‘real world’ tricks you can try right now:

  • If you’re left handed, try using your right hand to do every day things
  • Learn the words to a new song
  • Walk into a room, memorise five different items in the room, walk out and try remember those things, including where they were. Try again two hours later.

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